Thursday, March 28, 2013


Last night, Oxygen's The Face aired it's season finale. It was down to 4 girls fighting to be the face of Ulta Beauty. 

The girls meet up with Nigel, and he tells the girls that although 4 of them stand before him, only 3 will walk the final runway. Before final runway, the girls have to go through 2 more challenges before final runway. When Nigel told them that only 3 would make it, the girls started feeling the pressure. Especially Devyn since she started hyperventilating and having a panic attack.

The first challenge had the girls take a master class from one of the representatives at Ulta. The girls are then tested as they use their knowledge to assist real customers while Nigel and the Ulta executive watch them. Devyn is first, and she does very well. She was able to answer all the questions that the customer asked, and was able to assist all the customer's needs. Ebony definitely did the best, followed by Zi Lin, then Devyn, and then Margaux. Devyn would have done better than Zi Lin but Zi Lin was more charming than her. Margaux placed last because she came off shy, and when a customer asked her about brushes, she said she didn't know. The Ulta representative never talked about brushes but Margaux's "I don't know" was not the proper answer that the Ulta executive was looking for. 

Their next challenge was a photo shoot for Ulta, and this picture was going to be in all Ulta Beauty stores nationwide. 

Zi Lin from Team Naomi
Ebony from Team Karolina
Devyn from Team Karolina
Margaux from Team Coco

I've been Team Coco since day 1 soI personally LOVE Margaux's photo the most. She really looked like a little Coco Rocha. It was like watching Coco do 100 poses in a minute all over again. Margaux, Zi Lin, and Devyn all did equally well, but it was very clear the Ebony struggled the most. She had the least amount of usable photos. It took her a minute to get there, but she got it in the end. 

They then deliberated which 3 girls were gonna walk in the final runway alongside their coaches. They said Margaux was too shy in the first challenge, and although she rocked the photo shoot and came out with a fierce photo, they thought that her look wasn't versatile (Uhm, no.) They pointed out Devyn's disconnect during the first challenge, and Ebony's disconnect during the photo shoot. And even though we thought that Zi Lin's heavy accent was going to be her biggest setback, it actually was a big help because she came off more charming. In the end, it was decided that Zi Lin, Devyn, and Margaux were in the top 3 and was going to be walking in the final runway with their supermodel coaches wearing Zac Posen.

Devyn came out first, and her walk was my favorite. It was so high fashion, and classy, and that outfit looked great on her. Zi Lin's walk was good but it was too pageant for me, especially when she smiled at the end. A smile is okay but it was too pageant. I was so disappointed in Margaux's walk. It was okay, but since her shoulders were too forward, her walk wasn't high fashion anymore. They then came out with their coaches, and the dresses were stunning. 

In the end, DEVYN became The Face of Ulta Beauty and the winner of the competition. I really wanted Margaux to win, but I have to admit her performance wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I really wanted Zi Lin to win also but I didn't wanna give Naomi the satisfaction. Seriously if her team won, it would be a Sandra moment all over again, and I was not gonna have that. But congrats Devyn and Karolina !

XO Sean <3

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