Saturday, March 23, 2013


HEY GUYS ! It's done ! This is officially my new blog. I went for a white because white is very classic, sophisticated, and chic just like I wanted. And as for the title ... okay. In my last post, I said my old title "WALK WALK FASEAN BABY" was just so 2010 ('cuz that's when I came up with it), and I was just over it, and needed something new. I love my new title, "FASEANFORWARD" because it's modern, and current. To me, being fashion forward is people wearing clothes or making clothes that are one of a kind for a moment, and then everyone will want it after. It kinda reflects my blog. Not so many people know about it right now, but it will be BIG. I'm willing to work for that. SO I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THE NEW LAYOUT ! Tell me what you think in the comments !

XO Sean <3

P.S. Look how fierce my Louboutin inspired header is. It's a moment.

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