Sunday, October 21, 2012


HEY FASEANISTAS ! IT'S HERE ! My very first style tip ! It was suppose to go up 2 days ago, but my computer was being really slow, and eventually died. On top of that, Final Cut Pro hates me. I hope you guys enjoy !


One thing I left out is that for example, taking the first look with just the purple shirt, and the grey scarf. Adding just a bracelet doesn't really count because that bracelet only covers up your wrist, or that necklace only covers up that small bit of your neck. Accessories only cover a small portion. And most of the time they go unnoticed. Adding ans subtracting pieces of clothing isn't outfit repeating because 1) it looks physically and drastically different and 2) It does cover a whole section of your body. The accessories really does serve as just the boost, or as the cherry on top. Keep mixing and matching !

If you have any questions leave a comment on this post, or leave a comment on the YouTube video, or DM me on Twitter, or message me on Tumblr. Whatever works for you. And I will answer them in my next Style Tip video.

Thanks for watching ! More to come !

XO Sean <3

P.S. I put a new video up on my channel, and it would be greatly appreciated if you guys checked it out ! THANK YOU ! Here it is:

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