Thursday, October 18, 2012


So, as I blog, I'm watching the recorded episode of the second part of the finale of the 10th season of Project Runway. I know the winner has already been announced after I post this, but I was busy making a video :) But, I thought that I would give my input.

Let's start with Melissa. Melissa was one of my early favorites. She's always stayed true to her aesthetic, with a dark palette and very structured clothing. And that's what her collection is. I see structured jackets, structured dresses with her signature collar, and lots of BLACK ! Nina Garcia totally called her out, calling her collection "limited" because her color palette is literally black and white. She's concerned that she hasn't pushed herself enough. I honestly love her collection. I want all those structured jackets. I love the signature collar. It's still very Melissa, and I could definitely tell that she designed it. But i do have to agree with Nina. THIS IS NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. She needs to step out of her comfort zone, and give some color ! If she does, then she'll definitely be someone to watch out for.

Fabio was never a favorite for me because I never saw him stand out. He was, how should I say...forgettable. But at the challenge right before the finale, was where he really shined. Turning a coat around, and still have it look fierce ! That's...FIERCE ! His collection for fashion week will definitely stand out. It screams him, and it's the collection with the most color ! Good for you ! It's very tribal, which is great because that's his style, but again, I agree with Nina. It lacks sophistication. He needs to make it look expensive. I mean I can see like Kylie and Kendall Jenner wearing it to school, but not maybe to an event. If Fabio listens to the judges, he could be an under dog.

To be honest, Dmitry kinda creeps me out. BUT, he is one heck of a designer. That dress, and structured jacket he made in the final challenge before the finale was STUNNING ! Explains why he won. His collection, is the collection I like the least. I feel like he's lost. There's no creativity, no focus, nothing. It looks doubty and matronly, and it's weird. There's like this weird yellow color? Anyone catch that? I think Dmitry just took himself out. I like his pieces, but seeing them on those young girls just rubs me the wrong way. He needs to take his collection swimming in the Fountain of Youth.

Christopher was also one of my early favorites. Knocking it out challenge by challenge ! I think he's won the most challenges ? Someone check that. And can I have his closet? I love his clothes ! As for his collection, I love the concept of his mother's x-ray as the print for his collection. But when I saw the 3 pieces he presented the judges, I was disappointed. First, the models wear wearing basically nothing. So little clothing. And just doesn't compare to all the amazing pieces he made previously. I'll wait it out I guess. He better knock it out of the park on the runway.

So right now, this is my rank.
  1.  Melissa
  2.  Fabio
  3.  Christopher
  4.  Dmitry
I can't wait to see who wins !

XO Sean <3

P.S. FUN FACT : On the day I went to New York for Fashion Week, was the same day these 4 designers were showing at NYFW. I was on the bus to New York when they were showing. I wish I went !

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