Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey guys ! So I have a couple of exciting things to tell you !
  1.  My family friends just dropped off 2 garbage bags full of fabric, so expect some new fashion out of me ! I'm so excited to do this because I just love the thought of walking around town, and at school in things I made. I think that's pretty fierce :)
  2. I love America's Next Top Model, and watching that show really influenced and increased my love of fashion. So, since their new cycle is currently showing, I thought I would be like BryanBoy, and judge the pictures on my blog, so that will start this Friday, and will continue every Friday until the finale.
  3. I will be offering some fierce style tips everyday, so watch out for those :)
  4. Every month there shall be a style moment so look out for that :) 
 So, there's a lot to look forward to ! I owe you guys for not blogging for a while ! 

XO Sean <3

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