Saturday, September 22, 2012


The STYLE MOMENT for September is...

...the bow tie I wore to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which I made days before the fashion show. What started out as a simple black bow tie became a floral moment. 

So basically it was just an old worn down bow tie, and the edges were rough, and the construction of the bow tie was falling apart. So I deconstructed it, and it was 2 layers of fabric, and the little piece of silk in the middle holding it together. And in my most recent post about Kendra's dress, I had said that I cut the straps off. Well, there was just enough fabric that I could make a little bow tie out of so that we would look so cute walking in to the show ! So, I took one of the layers that made up the bow tie, and I covered it with the fabric from the dress. 

These are the two layers of the bow tie.
And then to piece it all together, I put in this purple silk that was the interior of Kendra's dress to replace the black silk that held the bow tie together. 

To really showcase the bow tie, I wore all black. Black vest, Black shirt, Black pants, Black shoes, and on my neck is this adorable bow tie. Look at me WERK this bow tie:

Look at us having fun, being driven via carriage to Lincoln Center. Yes New Yorkers, you are allowed to stare.

Fierceness at it's finest.
It looks so good from the front, but wait until you check out how much of a hot mess it is from the back.

No one's gonna see the back anyways. But OMG,isn't it a moment?

XO Sean <3

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