Saturday, September 22, 2012


So, in my previous blog post, I talked about what Kendra should wear to the fashion show, and it became easy after looking at it for a while and we decided that she should wear the purple floral dress. BUT, being my designer self, I had some issues with that dress. First of all, it had these thick straps, that just aged her, and made the dress so matronly, making her look matronly. And, it wasn't the right fit, and if you go out in a dress that don't fit you right, Joan Rivers will be on your ass.

So, with my magic hands, and fierce sewing skills this hot mess :

  became the FIERCE dress it was meant to be.

Just a chop of the straps, and fittings, this girl OWNED the streets of New York. And let me just say, that you put a girl in New York, and in a new dress, and she becomes a whole new person ! SHE LOOKED FIERCE IN ALL THE PICTURES ! No wonder people were staring so much. <3

XO Sean <3

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