Thursday, September 20, 2012


HEY GUYS ! I am so sorry that I haven't blogged in a while ! Okay, I thought that when I received my school laptop, that it would allow me to blog more often, make more videos, but for one, Blogger was blocked (until now), and I was having cold feet about making videos on my laptop because my school is going to review them, and I don't really think they wanna hear me swear 50 times in one video. BUT, Blogger is magically here (THANK GOD !) and I'm going to be blogging so much more now, and I can't wait ! I really wanna post some looks up on here, and on LOOKBOOK, but I'm DRENCHED in school, but I will make time for it. I have taken pictures of my outfits, and all I really have to do is professionally shoot them and upload them. ALSO ! I know you guys wanna hear about MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK, and so I will have a picture, and video montage ready soon ! OMG SO MANY FABULOUS THINGS COMING YOUR WAY ! Until then....

XO Sean <3

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