Friday, August 17, 2012


So, my best friend Kendra is my plus one for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and we are so excited ! Kendra and I are in the same stage with our outfits: STUCK. The first one is a vintage maroon/dark pink dress with purple and white flowers as a pattern. It originally has two straps, but I feel like the thick straps aged her, so I'm making it a sleeveless dress. The second option is a white tank top with some texture on it, and a maroon skirt.

For me, I don't have specific articles of clothing, but I'm just basing it off Kendra's style. Should I go classy like her vintage dress or should I be more fun and casual like her textured top and maroon skirt.

Below are sketches of what Kendra's outfits are planning to look like, and a picture of what her vintage dress looks now. Later, I will have pictures of both her outfits, and I want you guys to decide which one she should wear ! This is a very important event for me, and whichever look wins will determine my outfit so this will be a big help ! Thank you guys !

XO Sean <3

P.S. In the sketch, the shoes for the vintage dress match the color of the shoes for the maroon skirt. I failed at my attempt to make a nude/tan color.


  1. Good sketches bro
    - Kendra

    1. You a sweetheart <3 love you and cant wait ! XD