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So last Sunday, I went to my first rehearsal for my fashion show, and met my models FOR THE FIRST TIME. I was definitely nervous walking and seeing all the girls because I'm this 16 year old bossing a bunch of girls older than me (not by much though), and telling them what to do. It was definitely overwhelming. The first thing was did was evaluate their walks, and sort of have them audition for me. Many girls surprised me with amazing walks because I had received their pictures prior to this rehearsal, and sort of imagined in my head how they would walk. But I am so glad they proved me wrong. A lot of girls walked for me, but I only had to choose 11. Some of the girls I wanted weren't even there. BUT I HAVE CHOSEN THEM, AND I AM SO EXCITED.

I brought about six pieces with me that day. I didn't have full outfits ready, but I was told to bring what I had and this was what I had. Now, on my to do list, I wrote to take lots and lots of pictures. I took 3. I totally regret it because I promised I would take you guys behind the scenes, and I AM SO SORRY ! I promise to take lots next time. Here are some pictures from the fitting. 

Here's Francis as Jason Voorhees, from Friday the 13th. The top is a crop top, and it's meant to be ripped, and disheveled to give it that Halloween tint. The bottom is a belt, and attached to it is this long white train. I was thinking of putting it over her undergarment, as I did in my sketch, but I was also thinking of making a really tiny skirt by just slapping on a piece of fabric on the front. She is going to be wearing boots, a mask, and werking the signature knife that Jason uses for his victims.

Here we have Jojo who will be portraying Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the movie, It. The pants were inspired by a guy from Lookbook (I think Karl was his name, from the Philippines). The pants are really baggy, and the whole inside where the inner thigh is is cut off, and on the bottom there will be two mini ruffles on the ankles where that cuff is. It's gonna be a real moment on the runway when the pants get caught in the wind. I think it's a new and couture take on clown pants. The top is going to be this turtleneck tank, and the neck is going to have big ruffles as well. And for buttons, the shirt is going to have these furry cotton ball type buttons, and she will be walking out with pink balloons for breast cancer.

This is Rachael, who is going to be wearing the Chuckie look from the movie, Child's Play. She is trying on the skirt which actually is 2 skirts. There is a white skirt underneath the leather skirt. The skirt was supposed to be horizontal black and white stripes, but I decided to do this cut out triangular pattern to make it more Halloween. The stripes just looked way too Wet Seal/F21. For the top, she's going to be wearing this denim boustier, because Chuckie wears denim overalls, and this structured sleeve. It's really hard to describe, and once I get a visual, I'll definitely post it, but it represents Chuckie's signature striped sleeves.

So as of today, I have 4 days to finish my collection. I still have lots to do, including making 3 gowns, making accessories, and just making sure that this collection is absolutely perfect. 

If anyone of my reader's lives in the Boston area, please help me spread the word of this amazing event ! A portion of the proceeds goes to Susan G Komen ! There will also be entertainment, as well as the show, and a social mixer at the end ! 


XO Sean <3

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