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Hey guys ! I feel so bad that I said I was going to blog more since it's the summertime but I told you guys in my last post that it's harder since I'm working and that I don't have my own personal computer but I am trying my best. Anyway, no more excuses. I'm just gonna get right to it because this post is going to be a lengthy one. 

So about 2 weeks ago, I was at the New England Art Institutes attending their Summer Studio program. Their summer studio program is offered in a variety of fields in the arts such as film, audio, photography, and fashion and retail management. High school students attend this 4 day course to learn about the field they desire. For more information, visit the New England Institute of Arts website or the Summer Studio website.

I obviously did fashion and retail merchandising which is the business side of fashion. I'm typically in the artistic side of fashion but it was something that I wanted to explore.  There were two options when you applied, and that was if we were going to board in a dorm at Simmons College, or if we were to commute and just attend the classes during the day. I chose to option to board, and I will describe that experience, and my opinions on it in a separate post. Let me break down just the classes by day ( the day of a commuter ).

Day 1, Class 1: Tie Bangle, and Paper Beads

The first class of the day was some fancy name that included recycling. We made bangles out of old ties, and beads. Now my first thought was that it seemed way too arts and crafts night at the senior center, but I totally understand the concept of the project and how it is used in fashion and retail merchandising. 

Day 1, Class 2: Field Trip to Copley Mall

After lunch, we went on a field trip to a bunch of different stores like Frye, Swiss Army, Intimacy, and the Copley Mall. The purpose of this trip is to learn how stores function, what to do and not to do, why stores pick certain set ups or colors to attract customers etc. 


Day 2, Class 1: Merchandising a Line

In this class, we were given the spring/summer 2014 workbook from StyleSight, the spring/summer 2014 color palette from Pantone, and criteria about the type of woman we would be merchandising a line for. I worked with my friend Sophie, and here was our criteria:

  • 22-27
  • Single
  • Reads InStyle, Vogue, Marie Claire
  • No children
  • makes about $60,000 a year
There was so much more criteria but I forget (sorry !) Here is what Sophie and I came up with.

Day 2, Class 2: Store Planning

After lunch, we went up to the computer lab to create and design our own store using Google SketchUp. We were responsible for the furniture, the placement of them, the colors, and which customers we wanted to attract. My store is clearly unfinished but so was everyone else due to a time crunch. I have to say my store is very me, and I wish I had more time to finish, but here it is...

My Boutique

Day 3, Class 1 & 2: Trends and Forecasting

On our final class day, we learned to forecast trends for the autumn/winter 2013 season. We had to create a mood, style, color, and silhouette board.




1st Row: Lanvin
2nd Row: Dolce and Gabbana

Day 4: Final Day + Portfolio Showing + Goodbye ;(

On our last day, we finished any unfinished work for our portfolio showing. Our parents came, and they viewed our portfolio, and the people at the Art Institutes talked to our parents a bit. Then came the hardest part of this whole program was saying good-bye to the best group of people I've met ;( #teamfabulous always and forever ! Miss ya girls !

I've truly missed you guys ! Here's to blogging more !

If you'd like some more information about the Art Institute's Summer Studio Program, click here:

XO Sean <3

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