Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hey readers ! Here's another apology for not blogging for a while: I'm sorry for not blogging in a while. The school year is ending and I'm doing my very best trying to end it with really positive grades. I've also gotten a job now 'cuz I need me some money. I'm trying to save for not only fashion necessities, but also for my school's trip to Spain next year. So that's my life. 

SO ABOUT THE DRESS. First, I've changed the name because "Project Party Dress" isn't meshing with me anymore. Second, the picture above is it's current stage. I'm planning to change the top because all together it's starting to look like a toddler's dress. I also think it's because of how much volume there is in the skirt. I still have to add feathers so I have to get rid of either the really heavy lining or the puffy tulle. I'm planning on just using the tulle because it's very light, but it won't be see through because of the feathers. I don't know I'm still deciding at this point.

I just thought I'd say hello, and let you guys in on what's going on. I've really missed you ! School is over in 2 weeks, after which then I will be blogging way more than I am now. Until next time... *:

XO Sean 

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